Die Welt

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“A smart, funny and emotionally engaging rites-of-passage drama which has the authentic texture of real life.” — Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter

Director: Alex Pitstra
Year: 2012
Running time: 80 mins
Censor Rating: M - offensive language

Producer: Alex Pitstra
Screenplay: Alex Pitstra, Thijs Gloger, Abdallah Rezgui
Photography: Thijs Gloger
Editors: Alex Pitstra, Thijs Gloger, René Duursma
Sound/Music: Renger Koning
In Arabic, Dutch and English, with English subtitles

With: Abdelhamid Naouara (Abdallah), Mohsen Ben Hassen (Hassan), Rahma Ben Hassen (Ahlem), Ilse Heus (Anna), Judith van der Meulen (José), Kamel Ben Khalfa (Samir), Imed Sassi (Mohamed), Fouad Cheneti (Fouad), Mehdi Cheneti (Mehdi)

“A jovial and laidback – which isn’t to say carefree or careless – portrait of Tunisian youth caught amid myriad social and economic forces, Die Welt manages to blend fiction and nonfiction with seamless grace. Split into chapters, Alex Pitstra’s economical film charts the day-to-day experiences of 23-year-old DVD shop employee Abdallah (Abdelhamid Naouara), who hilariously introduces himself via a longwinded explanation to a customer about the noxious imperialist undertones of Transformers 2Die Welt lets its issues of identity, cross-cultural dialogue, political freedom, and familial strains to emerge naturally from Abdallah’s humdrum routines… Pitstra touches on issues of democracy, materialism, and Tunisia’s hypocritical stances toward male and female sexual conduct with a light, observant touch.” — Nick Schager, slantmagazine.com.

“Alex Pitstra’s debut feature marks the arrival of a new Arab talent to be reckoned with.” — Joseph Fahim, Variety