William Yang: My Generation

William Yang
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“I go out at least five nights a week to events, with a camera in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.”  — William Yang

Director: Martin Fox
Year: 2013
Country: Australia
Running time: 58 mins
Censor Rating: R13 - adult themes

Editor: Martin Fox
Producer: Donna Chang
Executive producer: Bridget Ikin
Sound: Liam Egan
Music: Daniel Holdsworth

With: William Yang

Festivals: Sydney 2013

For 20 years Sydney photographer William Yang, a canny and candid chronicler of his life and times, has been bringing added life to his pictures in a series of affecting slideshow performances. This show from 2010, now filmed by Martin Fox, takes us back to wild days amongst the Sydney bohemia of the 70s and 80s, an era of riotous liberation stopped in its tracks by AIDS. 

“It’s quite an eye-opener. The biggest revelation is the fact that Yang was part of the inner circle of Nobel Prize-winning author Patrick White… He was also friendly with major Sydney art figures such as Martin Sharp and the late Brett Whiteley. The Dickensian roll call of characters he knew and photographed also includes Little Nell, Tiny Tim, Margaret Fink, Jenny Kee and Peter Tully. Yang shows images shot at fashion parades, art events, and wild, bohemian parties. Delivering his commentary in a droll, unpretentious tone of voice that is highly engaging, Yang offers a fascinating journey into a vibrant era.” — Nick Dent reviews the original show, Time Out Sydney