Toons for Tots

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A collection of animated gems for the very youngest NZIFF patrons, aged from 4–7.

Director: Various
Year: 2012
Running time: 62 mins
Censor Rating: PG - some scenes may scare very young children
Genres: For kids

The three things we keep in mind when selecting films for the kids’ animation programmes are (in order) audience, audience and audience. Kids have an instinct for what works, for what is funny, for whether a story is good (or not) that transcends analysis. The best animated films are little doorways to worlds most grown-ups have forgotten how to access. The kind of films we go looking for connect with these vibrant, constantly questing little instincts in ways no other artform can. There must always be a scary film or two, a few special animals, plenty of giggles and truckloads of magic. We looked far and wide to find these animated little gems. We think we’ve done a pretty good job but there’s only so much we grown-ups can do – it’s over to the kids to decide. — Malcolm Turner

The children’s animation programmes were curated by Malcolm Turner and Nic Marshall. The tots they have in mind this year are aged 4–7.


The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats

Will Rose/UK 2012/7 mins

So many hills, so many goats, but only one little goat herder.


Kiana Naghshineh/Germany 2012/3 mins

If you’re brave and show them who’s the boss, your monsters can become a really great little orchestra.

A Girl Named Elastika

Guillaume Blanchet/Canada 2012/4 mins

You are not gonna believe your eyes! A whole, way-cool movie made out of nothing but pins and rubber bands.


Kyle Mowat/Canada 2012/2 mins

A fascinating circus of millions of amazing tiny super-colourful, crazy, crawly creatures.

The Little Bird and the Leaf

Lena von Döhren/Switzerland 2012/4 mins

One little bird’s adventure trying to water the last leaf at the end of the branch.


Joel Simon/UK 2012/7 mins

Rejected by the toy factory, a rubber dog and kitty duo set out to find their friends who were sent to the shops.

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

Anna Ginsburg/UK 2012/4 mins

A little boy visits the moon as it exists in his dreams – an iridescent orb surrounded by translucent jellyfish and cellophane streams. Based on an Italo Calvino short story.


Jake Wyatt/USA 2011/5 mins

A young girl chases a mysterious fox through a secret door and into a subterranean wonderland to retrieve her stolen train ticket.

Room on the Broom

Max Lang, Jan Lachauer/UK 2012/25 mins

From the makers of The Gruffalo comes this heart-warming adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s book about a friendly witch and her self-centred cat who zoom their friends off on a unique journey.