The Taste of Money

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Do-nui mat

“The arrogance of wealth and power is seen through the eyes of a family employee in [this] stylish follow-up to The Housemaid.” — Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

Director: Im Sang-soo
Year: 2012
Country: Korea
Running time: 115 mins
Censor Rating: R16 - violence, offensive language, sex scenes

Screenplay: Im Sang-soo
Producer: Lee Nam-hee
Photography: Kim Woo-hyung
Editor: Lee Eun-soo
Production designers: Kim Young-hee, Kim June
Costume designer: Haein Entertainment
Music: Kim Hong-jip
In Korean with English subtitles

With: Kim Kang-woo (Youngjak, private secretary), Baek Yoon-sik (Chairman Yoon, the father), Youn Yuh-jung (Keumok, the mother), Kim Hyo-jin (Nami, the daughter), Maui Taylor (Eva, the maid), On Ju-wan (Chul, the son)

Festivals: Cannes (In Competition) 2012

Direct from Competition in Cannes.

“As deep and profound as a comic book printed on glossy paper, Im Sang-soo’s latest portrait of lust and corruption, power plays and violence at the highest echelons of Korea’s society has all the style and luster of his previous works, with brilliantly lighted spectacular sets, glorious photography, fast paced action and plenty of Korean star power… Two years ago, Im Sang-soo made quite a splash in Cannes with his new, flashy version of the Korean classic The Housemaid… [This follow-up] most probably has even bigger and more sumptuous sets. The story, however, takes the allegory all the way into the realm of the absurd.” — Dan Fainaru, Screendaily

“I wanted to restore the classic characters and epic of Shakespeare and Balzac. I also wanted to draw out the suspenseful atmosphere with Hitchcock-like mise-en-scene.” — Im Sang-soo