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Abrir puertes y ventanas

“A beautifully modulated Argentinean family portrait… which also conveys an authentic understanding of what it means to be a sister.” — Sarah Cohen, Time Out

Year: 2011
Running time: 98 mins
Censor Rating: M - sex scenes, offensive language, nudity

Screenplay: Milagros Mumenthaler
Producers: Violeta Bava, David Epiney, Rosa Martínez Rivero, Eugenia Mumenthaler
Photography: Martín Frias
Editor: Gion-Reto Killias
Production designer: Sebastián Orgambide
Costume designer: Françoise Nicolet
In Spanish with English subtitles

With: María Canale (Marina), Martina Juncadella (Sofia), Ailín Salas (Violeta), Julián Tello (Francisco)

Festivals: Locarno, Toronto, San Sebastian, Vancouver, London 2011; Rotterdam 2012

Best Film & Best Director, Locarno Film Festival 2011

“Milagros Mumenthaler’s debut feature scooped both the Golden Leopard and the Critics Award at this year’s Locarno Film Festival and heralds the director as yet another promising talent from Argentina. Throughout this spare, melancholic film, she guards her narrative secrets – only gradually does it emerge [who] the three lost and bickering souls living under one roof are… The action never leaves the grand but neglected Buenos Aires family home. The camera beautifully stalks its rooms and contents and the piles of possessions – constant reminders of the past – that surround the [three young] sisters… With her preference for low light and a soft focus, a languid end-of-summer aimlessness hangs over the film. Meanwhile she patiently observes every snide comment and questioning stare shared between the three sisters, revealing clashing personalities and exploring in detail the dynamic between them.” — Isabel Stevens, Sight & Sound

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