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“A near-masterpiece from one of the most significant Japanese directors working today.” — Adam Schenker, Little White Lies

Director: Sono Sion
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Running time: 129 mins
Censor Rating: R16 - violence, offensive language

Producers: Umekawa Haruo, Yamazaki Masashi
Screenplay: Sono Sion. Based on the manga by Furuya Minoru
Photography: Tanikawa Sohei
Editor: Ito Junichi
Production designer: Matsuzuka Takashi
Costume designer: Rika Murakami
Music: Harada Tomohide
In Japanese with English subtitles

With: Sometani Shota (Yuichi), Nikaidou Fumi (Keiko), Watanabe Tetsu (Shozo), Fukikoshi Mitsuru (Tamura Keita), Kagurazaka Megumi (Tamura Keiko), Mitsuishi Ken (Sumida’s father), Denden (Kaneko), Kubozuka Yosuke (Teruhiko)

Festivals: Venice, Toronto, Busan 2011

Japanese provocateur Sono Sion (Love Exposure) was adapting a popular manga when the 2011 tsunami struck. He hastily reframed its typical tale of teen rage for the post-disaster world. Yuchi, the young anti-hero, disgusted by school and parents, cruelly indifferent to the kooky girl who adores him, now finds intermittent motivation in harbouring a ragged band of disaster victims. Shot on stricken locations, Himizu delivers a feverish panorama of societal decay and psychic desolation.

“Carrying on the fierce and honorable Japanese cinema tradition of the young male existential crisis, Himizu successfully grafts typhoon destitution and nuclear fallout worries onto a lurching, wildly erratic, funny and blisteringly painful adolescent drama… Its every frame is utterly wracked with the grim threat of emptiness around everyone, and it answers this world state with enviable energetic frenzy.” — Daniel Kasman, Mubi.com

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