Oracle Drive

“Some people come here to learn how to drive. I come here to learn how not to drive.”

Director: Gabriel White
Year: 2013
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 62 mins
Censor Rating: G

Producer: Amelia Harris
Post-production, art and effects: Markus Hofko
Music: Chris O’Connor, Richard von Sturmer

With: Gabriel White, Richard von Sturmer, Alexa Wilson, Tessa Mitchell, Nicholas Butler, Karin Hofko, John Radford

World Premiere

Occupying a territory somewhere between faux essay film and reverie, Gabriel White’s Oracle Drive roves the well-mown desolation of the light-industrial urban fringe. Although the voice we hear on the soundtrack is distinctly Kiwi, it speaks with the casual expertise of an inter-planetary visitor, one seriously misled by his own rich stock of earthly classical studies. He marvels at the literal and metaphorical significance of signage and street names. Atlantis, Romulus and Remus, Isis, The Nile, The Tiber, Oracle Drive, Sexyland: you’ll find them all on the North Shore. Only cars inhabit this road-ribboned environment – and strange dancers who pass across the landscape with mysterious purpose, oblivious to its mundane uses. Meanwhile, elegant camerawork, an ominous music track and surprising visual effects collude to shift the flâneur’s provocation into something else again: there’s beauty and eerie immanence lurking in the guarded blandness of Albany.