Whores’ Glory

Image: copyright Vinai Dithajohn
Image: copyright Vinai Dithajohn
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“A look not just at prostitution, but the relationships between men and women in contemporary society that yields telling and ambivalent insights.” — Christoph Huber, Cinema Scope

Year: 2011
Country: Austria, Germany
Running time: 119 mins
Censor Rating: R18 - sex scenes, offensive language

Screenplay: Michael Glawogger
Producers: Erich Lackner, Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn, Mirjam Quinte, Pepe Danquart
Photography: Wolfgang Thaler
Editor: Monika Willi
Music: Pappik & Regener

In Bengali, Thai and Spanish, with English subtitles

Festivals: Venice, Toronto, London 2011

Invoking a triptych of Heaven, Earth and Hell, the startling, altogether unhackneyed Whores’ Glory introduces us to female sex workers, their clients and their managers in three markedly different cultures. Austrian documentarian and fiction filmmaker Michael Glawogger (Workingman’s Death, NZIFF06) claims to have paid every one of his interview subjects for their time. Though the scope of his vision is global and his style favours heightened realism, Glawogger’s film is keenly attentive to each environment, bristles with the individuality of his subjects and successfully thwarts glib socio-political analysis. — BG

“Tactfully shattering received wisdoms, this colourfully shot and casually explicit film begins in Thailand, moves to Bangladesh, then ends in Mexico, and it doesn’t merely chronicle the transactional formalities of buying and selling sex but, by zeroing in on a specific brothel or street in each location, it speaks volumes about wider cultural attitudes to sex, relationships, money and personal ambition.” — David Jenkins, Time Out


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