We Feel Fine

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“Do people still even talk to one another or are we just dumping psychic shit on each other?” — George

Year: 2012
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 93 mins
Censor Rating: M - offensive language, sexual references, drug use
Genres: Art, Drama, Youth

Screenplay: Jeremy Dumble, Adam Luxton
Producers: Gayle Hogan, Jeremy Dumble
Photography: Summer Agnew, Jeremy Dumble
Editor: Adam Luxton
Production designers: Paloma Johnson, Lisa Dunn
Sound: Ande Shurr, Oli Wade
Sound post: Max Scott
Music: Golden Axe

With: Francois Byamana (Frank), Morgana O’Reilly (Kelly), Moses Alofokhai (Moses), Adam Luxton (George), Emmett Skilton (Roger), Florian Habicht (con artist), Natalie Harrison (Vanessa), Niamh Peren (George’s girl), Abdullah Alkhalaify (Lax)

World Premiere

Jeremy Dumble and Adam Luxton’s micro-budget, made-on-the-dash art movie tracks random sets of Auckland characters linked by a bizarre video project. Frank, a Rwandan taxi driver stunned by the disappearance of his wife, sees nothing else to do but carry on driving. Meanwhile, Moses, his solemn 14-year old son, is obsessively creating an artwork that entails a lot of time in the bathroom. A group of disenchanted young bohemians greet the Moses video with sheepish admiration: they’re up to their necks in environmental crap and psychic shit and here’s some school kid who gets it. Luxton counts himself among them, performing the role of alpha bohemian George in whom worldly exasperation still carries a spark of high expectancy. An eye-popping cameo from Florian Habicht exemplifies the film’s rude energy and sly disengagement from the mainstream. And its picture of the Auckland CBD as an aggregation of inane giant billboards is a hard one to shake.