Blood Brother

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“Engaging and joyful… Documentaries don’t come any bigger-hearted than Blood Brother.” — Dennis Harvey, Variety

Director: Steve Hoover
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running time: 93 mins
Genres: Human rights

Producer: Danny Yourd
Screenplay: Phinehas Hodges, Steve Hoover, Tyson VanSkiver
Photography: John Pope
Editors: Steve Hoover, Tyson VanSkiver
Sound: Ken McGill, Samson Neslund, Dallas Taylor
Music: Danny Bracken, A.J. Hochhalter, Keith Kenniff, Joseph Minadeo, Wytold
In English and Tamil, with English subtitles

With: Rocky Braat, Steve Hoover

Winner of both Jury and Audience Awards for Best Documentary at Sundance in January, Blood Brother explores the idealism of a young American aid worker in India. Steve Hoover’s film was prompted by his own amazement that his best friend Rocky Braat was so eager to leave the US and risk his life caring for children living with HIV and AIDS. To the best of his knowledge, Braat didn’t even like kids. Watching him surrounded by the beaming, wide-eyed orphans, anyone can see why those reservations might have dropped away. But it’s in his conflicts with local culture (that quarantines the children) and his refusal to abandon the most gruellingly hopeless cases that we see the proof of the white knight’s mettle. As the film ends Braat’s commitment is clearly both realistic and absolute, and Hoover delivers a loving endorsement, offering the best possible kind of support. Variety tells us: “The entirely donation-funded pic is intended to help support Braat’s continued work and residency, with any profits directed there.”

Festivals: Sundance 2013

Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award (US Documentary), Sundance Film Festival 2013