Paul Janman

Paul Janman is an Auckland filmmaker and he is the Writer, Director, Cameraman and Co-Editor of the feature documentary film, Tongan Ark. He began his dramatic career as an actor in street theatre with NZ Brazilian Director Pedro Ilgenfritz. Following his studies in Britain and New Zealand in history, philosophy, anthropology and after years of foreign travel, Paul became particularly interested in ethnographic films and experimental documentaries.

Since founding Public Films in 2005, he has worked as a videographer and short filmmaker with community arts groups, dance and theatre companies and has continued to make his own films independently with Producer and wife Echo Zeanah Janman in Auckland, New Zealand.

The result of a prolonged relationship with the subjects, Tongan Ark has taken almost seven years to complete. The idea was to take the culture and the ideas at the core of the film more seriously through collaboration and participation and to avoid the common 'once over lightly' kind of documentary making. What has emerged is something more subtle, poetic and indirect but revitalised and interventionist.

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