Six Short Film Contenders for 2013 NZ's Best Title

Six short films have been selected as finalists for the New Zealand International Film Festival’s New Zealand’s Best Short Film Competition. Competing for three cash prizes, the winners will be announced at the closing night of the Auckland leg of NZIFF.

 The six finalists (listed in no particular order) are: 

The New Zealand’s Best programme will screen as part of the 2013 NZIFF and audiences will be asked to choose a winner. The winner of the Audience vote in Auckland and Wellington takes away 25% of the box office from the Festival screenings in the four main centres.

A jury of three will select the winners of the $5000 Madman Entertainment Jury Prize and the $3000 Friends of the Civic Award. The three judge are Metro Magazine editor Simon Wilson, Michael Eldred for Madman Entertainment and veteran film producer Bridget Ikin (An Angel at My Table, My Year Without Sex, The Rocket, William Yang: My Generation).

2013 New Zealand's Best Short Film Competition Finalists

Festival programmers Bill Gosden and Michael McDonnell viewed 91 entries to prepare the shortlist while guest selector and international film maker Alison Maclean selected the final six. 

“These films found ways to open up unfamiliar worlds and make the familiar more potent. From my now slightly outsider perspective, it was thrilling to watch these shorts – so much talent and skill in every department and, in separate, unique ways, a real authorial voice coming through… I can’t wait to see what these filmmakers do next" Alison Maclean on the six finalists.

Get to know the finalists in this year's New Zealand's Best Short Film Competition and our guest selector's thoughts on them below.

I'm Going to Mum's

New Zealand 2013

Director: Lauren Jackson

Jacob is eight years old and his parents dress him funny. Stuck in the middle of a fresh divorce he takes drastic fashion action to make himself heard. 

'Truly original. It builds from a simple, charming and wryly funny premise to become unexpectedly powerful.' - Alison Maclean (AM)


World Premiere

New Zealand 2013

Director: Dan Kircher

A young and green police officer is implicated in the assault of an arrestee. 

'Beautifully shot and constructed, this oblique, subjective memory piece gets inside the mind of a rookie cop.' - AM

Tom's Dairy

World Premiere

New Zealand 2013

Director: Oscar Kightley

A poignant and humorous short film about a young boy growing up in West Auckland in 1981.

'A summertime day in the life of a Samoan kid in West Auckland touches on wider conflict and grief. A simple story perfectly told.' - AM

Blind Mice

World Premiere

New Zealand 2013

Director: Walter Lawry

In the small Auckland drug scene, a young woman, Jules, finds her life complicated by an unwanted pregnancy

'This is very assured filmmaking. Anchored by three vivid performances, we're thrown into an ambiguous triangle that has more going on than meets the eye.' - AM

Here Now

World Premiere

New Zealand 2013

Director: Chelsie Preston-Crayford

Inspired by Lena Dunham's Girls, Here Now explores the dilemma of the modern day twenty-something. Tess and her friends have no problems, but are they really living?

'Perfectly calibrated and true, something pierces the boredom and unconscious dailiness of life for a young woman working in a dress shop.' - AM

Friday Tigers (Nga Taika o Te Ramere)

World Premiere

New Zealand 2013

Director: Aidee Walker

When an unexpected friendship threatens Ana’s secret world, can she find the courage to deal with her past for the sake of her future?

'Balances real world domestic/romantic turbulence with the gentlest kind of fabulism.' - AM

Jury for New Zealand's Best Short Film Competition

Michael Eldred, Madman Entertainment, is Madman NZ’s Theatrical Sales Manager.

Michael is responsible for the New Zealand theatrical release of such successful local films as Out of the Blue, Boy, and The Orator. His career highlights include roles at Dendy Films & Cinemas, Polygram, Hoyts Distribution and Madman Entertainment.

Simon Wilson is the editor of Auckland current affairs, culture and lifestyle magazine Metro, for which he writes on the arts, politics, food and other matters. 

Bridget Ikin has worked as an independent producer in New Zealand and Australia for more than 25 years. Her productions have included Alison Maclean’s legendary short Kitchen Sink as well as Crush, Jane Campion’s An Angel at My Table, and Sarah Watt’s Look Both Ways and My Year Without Sex. She is currently producing a second TV series of ART + SOUL, on contemporary Aboriginal art. Bridget Ikin and her partner John Maynard have recently established Felix Media, working with artists on exceptional original projects for cinema/ gallery presentation. She is also the EP for The Rocket.